Sunday, February 1, 2009

Images and reflections on Fred Lipp's visit

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Several classes reflected in writing on Fred's visit.

From Rebecca in 3LWh:

"Frederick Lipp I think is a very good author. And I didn't know you could write when you're that old. I found it interesting that if you're an author you can also take part in the action. I like the idea of helping the actual people as well as writing a story. I also found interesting that it it takes a REALLY long time to write a book. I learnt that pictures also make a story come alive. I am glad Frederick Lipp is a children's author and not a grown-up author. Frederick Lipp is great at imagining and creating stories. In Cambodia Frederick Lipp made a new school for girls and boys. Someday I'm hoping to do the same! I can't believe that he came to our school and I would like to do this more often. One day I would like to visit Cambodia and help people. I wanted to ask him questions like: is Cambodia a really poor place, and what is the book that took you the longest to write?"

From Millie in 2MGo:

"I liked Frederick Lipp because he told us lots about Cambodia and he read his books to us. The book that he read was called "Running Shoes". It is about a girl called Sophy. Frederick Lipp was born in Maine, USA, and before he was a writer, he was a minister. I learnt that in Cambodia the way to make a wish is to go to the bird lady and buy a bird and make a wish as you let it go. If it flies free, your wish will come true, but if it goes back inside the cage, it will not come true. I found him and his wife, Kitty, very interesting."

In describing how seeing one photograph led him to write a children's book about Cambodia and eventually to setting up a charity to educate girls there, he told the students,

"Be careful what you write -- it can change your life."

Photos of Fred's visit can also be viewed here on Flickr.

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